"If You’re Tired of All the Internet Marketing Bullshit and Hype, Then Put Down that Crappy Ebook and Let These 5 Badass Money Makers Whip You Into an Online Money Machine."


From: X

Whereabouts: Remote Desert Hideaway
Time: NOW

I know you're sick of the so-called guru's pimpin' and whorin' out their lists for their drinking buddies' e-crap.

And I know you're sick of them doing it without regard for whether or not those products will do a damn bit of good for YOU or YOUR business . . .

Well, FINALLY . . .

A group of mercernary bastards with mad money skills say it's time to cut the bullsh*t and get frickin real - we're going to show the people - YOU - where the real money is. 

Details in a minute, but first...

Could This Be You?

Check any of these that hit home for you:

I have been beaten upside the head with products that are nothing but recycled crap, and are not fit to print on paper.

My email inbox is unceasingly fire bombed with offers of lightning fast riches from every Tom, Dick, and Guru that exists.

I am so damn sick of ebooks that promise "step by step" successes, but are really just teasers for some bullsh*t back end pre-recorded "coaching".

I am tired, worn out, and discouraged by crap.  I am suffering from major info overload, wondering, "Is this Internet marketing "dream" really possible?"

Good God I just want to know how to make money on the damn Internet!  I would so appreciate some honest, straightforward, and balls out techniques to make it happen for me for real.

The Internet Merry Go Round

If you checked any of those boxes [who didn't?] . . . if any of them rang true for you at all . . .

Then you, my friend, may just have found your way to what my Internet mercenaries and I have dubbed "The Internet Merry Go Round" . . .

You get on board - circle like mad - going round and round and round.  And sometimes you even feel like you might be inching slightly forward.

But when that bad betty comes to a stop . . .

You puke your guts out and your friends have a good laugh. All you can do is smile, swallow your pride and cuss the bastards in a forum - while they slap high fives in a backroom somewhere like a bunch of frat boys living large on daddy's bankroll.

You've never actually made it one step further than when you first hopped on.  You're right back where you started.

Until eventually you get worn out, pissed off, or too discouraged to continue, ready to pack it in and pull the plug.

Well, don't pull that plug just yet, because you have stumbled upon much more than life support . . . you've happened upon . . . 

A Revolution

Cue the theme song from Desperado...

Yeah - that's right - a revolution.  I grabbed 4 guys that pull down real coin with real marketing smarts, and I proposed this to them . . .

What if we took our skills to the street? 

What if we joined up and spilled our guts on exactly what we do that makes us money?

No BS - no crap - just the down and dirty, sometimes devious and diabolical things we each do that generates some pretty fierce amounts of cash.

Their replies to X - "I'm in".

"Hands down the best IM print letter I’ve seen – and I was a subscriber to many others such as Reese Report . . . "

- Lai Chia Yee

The Mercenary Rogues Of IM

The crew I brought in to clean house . . .

Well, these guys cumulatively pump out millions of dollars a year in online cash.

And they don't do it by pimping out how-to's and get rich quick - no, they do it by doing it.

They walk the walk.

OK, who is this crew of marketing fortune-hunters?

The Shock Doc - When do you stop treating patients and go online full time?  When you make so much damn money it makes physician pay look like amateur hour. Traffic expert, Web 2.0 know-it-all, outsourcing king-pin - this guy is one sharp marketer.

The Ex Porn King - Woody Maxim knows traffic.  Plain & simple.  But he's not just a badass traffic jockey.  This t-shirt millionaire has some brilliant tricks up his sleeves.

"The Renegade" Copy Dude - Yeah, badass copy is expected, but you'll crap when you see what else this cat is into.  You don't get behind the scenes of some of the bitchinist product launches and not pick up a thing or two ;-) This guy is on THE INSIDE.

Agent H - I met this kid in San Anton about a year ago and was blown away by some of the crap he's got going on.

And me, X - The dark lord of marketing . . . author of the Adwords Black Book, bitch slappin' brass knuckles IM ass kicker.

While we're here, I want you to notice something - no "names" have been mentioned.

People say, "How can I trust a guy named X?"

And you know what? I could give you any name I want right now - hell, I could claim to be none other than Jay Abraham himself.

I had different reasons for calling myself X in the beginning - I was sharing stuff nobody had ever shared before and I had a business to protect; I couldn't blow my cover because there was far too much money at stake.

Now, I'm X because this isn't about me gaining some kind of Cesar Maximus ego trip glory - it doesn't matter to me if you know my name or not - know my work and know that my work makes people money and that's the only thing that matters.


So What Are These Guerrillas Gonna Do For You?

Unsolicited Forum Post - "...you should have a copy nearby and do exactly what they tell you to do."

Last night I got my first edition of IMX Files -- they sent it out via PDF so you could read it before it arrives in the mail.

I've got to say I was very impressed.

The newsletter was nothing but specific, block and tackle, step by step tactics to be successful doing certain moneymaking ventures online:

31 pages. Well written. Sloppily edited, but I'm not worried about that.

If you're ever short on ideas, need to make some cash in a hurry, whatever, if the subsequent issues are anything like the first one, you should have a copy near by and do exactly what they tell you to do.


So if the authors of this new newsletter are out there, all I can say to you is: Great Work! Keep it up!

Anybody else happen to get your issue? What did you think?


P.S. I have no affiliation with these guys. I have no idea even who they are. So this is not a paid endorsement by any stretch.

[NOTE: Andy Bourland is the founder of Clickz]


Look, I'll spare you the rah rah rhetoric you've come to expect from slick copywriters, and I'll get straight to the point . . .

Here's the idear: deliver more damn value to you than even the tightest tight ass can complain about. 

Smoking hot cash cranking ideas - innovated, swiped, stolen, begged for - whatever it takes to get "the truth" about making money online to you.

Every issue of the IMXFiles will contain inside tips, tricks, and tactics of the Internet's Super Players.

NOT theories, but the precise step-by-step dissection of what "they" are REALLY doing and how they do it.

Each info-packed, fluff-free issue will be delivered to your mail box at home each month, keeping you tuned in to the low down dirty (and above board) money making strategies that no one else dares to share with you...

"I've seen the first full issue and it is some great stuff. I have a feeling this is going to be a 'must have' newsletter."

- Allen Says, The Warrior Forum


T h e
I M X F i l e s
The IMXFiles, anxiously anticipated by many for a full year, is the new online revolution.  And to be perfectly clear - it ain't anti-guru - no, it's simply anti-crap.
Haven't we all suffered enough of that?
Nope, this bad boy is so stuffed with potent money making strategy you may just give up your ebook 'habit' once and for all - and that's good, because you ain't gonna need them anymore.

We're weaning you off the crap and feeding you nothing but the high-octane best from here on out.

Goodbye bologna, hello prime rib (organic and range-fed, of course).

In fact, here's some quick insight as to what this is NOT -

Some Bullsh*t Ebook - IMXFIles ain't some worn out ebook with the same tired old crap you knew 2 years ago.

Theory Or Unproven Mumbo Jumbo - Who gives a sh*t about what might work?  IMXFiles isn't where we test out our theories to see if they stick - no, this is a proven hardcore money making bonanza.

All Whitehat & Goody Goody - Look if you don't wanna hike up your skirt and get dirty a little, then you might not want to see what's inside.  Some of this stuff is just plain devious.

That's right . . . no self righteous indignants, hypocrites, or holier than thou marketers need apply - IMXFiles is a straight up make money buffet of goodness - where we answer to the god of greed with . . .

Step-by-Step Money Making Plans Every Month

It's super easy to fill your head with nifty ideas, but mind candy is mind candy - the A.D.D. addicts crack fix.

That's not what this is about; this is step-by-step, how-to, cookbook style, follow this blueprint and make money brilliance.

This is stuff that could easily be fluffed up into an ebook and sold for $67-97 each.

We cut the fluff, get to the point, and tell you what you need to know without all the anecdotal filler.

And trust me, you're going to love what you get in issue number one - "The Fastest Ways to Make Money Online - NOW!"

The Underground Interviews

Interviews with doers and shakers - we will dredge up people you may never hear of otherwise, and grill them for the truth.

These won't be your regular A-list and B-list pitchmen either - these are REAL people doing REAL cool stuff.

Exclusive Guest Contributors

We've already got a line up of guest contributors that can turn rust into gold with their magic touch.

And they're going to be popping in from time to time doing cameo spots, and lighting your mind on fire with brilliant and deadly effective underground money making techniques.

You can bet your ass that even the biggest of the big hitters will have their eyes peeled on IMXFiles to see what these guys and gals have to say.

Online Bonus "Stuff"

Yes, we already have "stuff" waiting for you in the vault - some serious ass surprises that will blow your fricking mind.

But me and my crew - we're not about the whole "blow up your value with bullshit bonuses" thing...

We don't need to pile on crap like an ATV or a package of 3000 PLR ebooks. Just know that we're 5 fellas intent on over delivering.


Don't Cheat Yourself

Look - the newsletter alone is worth 2-3 times what I'm going to ask for it. Forget the underground interviews or other online bonus stuff.

Really, if I could fool you with a long list of bonus junk then I think you're the wrong person to make this investment.

I'm not kidding. I don't want everybody to buy this information . . .

I put my blood and guts into my work - and I have the belief that if you become a customer here then you and I are, in a very loose way, partners.

If I give you my best and you don't do anything with it - you might as well buy crap - what's the difference?

It's cheating you - it's cheating yourself. And it's cheating me, because it's taking my time away from helping people who REALLY WANT IT.


 Alright - Bottom Line It For Me X

If you're still here then you're like us. 

You're fed up with the crap and you just want to make money.  Theatrics and all else be damned.

Think on this for a second.  How much money do you spend every single month on ebooks, audios, videos, and all other assorted BS digital downloads?

$400?  $500?  $600?  More?

Be honest with yourself on this one and you may just surprise yourself here.

Well, we know the kind of money that our bold, brazen, underground, and sometimes downright dirty tricks can make.

And we also know they're worth a hell of a lot more than $400, $500, and even $600 a month in crappy ebooks.

But, we're not in this to rape and pillage. We're in this for a fair exchange.

We let you inside. We feed you the good stuff and groom you into an online money making mercenary too.

And in exchange, all we're asking is $48.50 to try us out. That's right. This one time only you can try IMXFiles for yourself for half off our regular monthly subscription price.



I Personally Guarantee IMXFiles

I'm going to shoot straight with you here. Is there a guarantee? Of course. I stand behind my work and I know you don't know me from . . . X . . . so I'm not going to try to push the envelope that far.

BUT . . .

If there's even an inkling of a thought that you're going to return this, at this moment, then get the hell out of here.

Don't waste my time.

I'm not a library and I'm not here to disseminate my or my partners information to freeloaders. If that's your mentality, don't waste your own time because you'll never make it anyway. That's my second guarantee.

I'm here to sincerely help a few good people who want help and who are willing to take action and help themselves. If that's you and after you buy this information you just don't see how you can possibly make you a pile of dough, then let me know. I'll give you your money back, cancel your subscription, no problems and it's all good.

But if you're a whiner or freeloader - and I'll know it if that's what you are . . . leave. Now.

Still here?

Great. Let's make a deal. You subscribe to the IMXFiles and rip it out of your mailbox as soon as it drops. You read it and use the information and if you make money, you be happy because you made a good investment.

You subscribe to the IMXFiles and if it isn't chock full of some of the best ideas you've seen, you request a refund within 30-days and I'll refund every penny and you keep that issue as my gift. 


Let's Do This Thing . . .

As I write this, there are hundreds of new pre-launches in motion.  This means you can expect your inbox to take an ass beating for as long you'll let them.

Listen, if you could care less about all the hoopla and just want to quietly build your own online fortune - if you think you can handle slipping on a pair of brass knuckles and kicking your competition's ass, then you're ready for IMXFiles.

But - I have to put this out there right now because I do not want or need to hear about it later - if you can't play in the mud and get a little dirty then some of this stuff is going to shock you, and possibly disgust you.

This is eat or be eaten and IMXFiles members eat. 

We are the hunters.  Period.

Dinner is served.


PS – Listen... you could sit around glued to your pc every night reading worthless ebooks that tell you how to get started online by organizing your office, finding a quiet place to do business from, and how to set up a telephone line, fax line, and all kinds of other stupid common sense bullshit.

Or – you could grab IMXFiles right now and learn how to make money from 5 bad mothers that do it in droves.

PPS – IMX brings you 5 bad ass and PROVEN plans for online success each and every month from 5 underground marketers with mad money skills. Kick that ebook habit once and for all, and find out where the real money is at – underground.

PPPS - This is can’t lose for you - half price on the first issue and a 100% refund guarantee if you're not squealing-like-a-pig-happy with it.






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