How Far Will Mr. X Go
for the Truth . . . ?

No 'sacred cow' will be spared. Mr. X - THE Mr. X, author of "The Greatest Internet Marketing Book Ever Written" - the Adwords Black Book - seeks out, tears apart and exposes the deepest, darkest secrets from the Internet marketing jungle.

Nobody knows what Mr. X will find. Not even Mr. X.

Every issue of the IMXFiles will contain inside tips, tricks, and tactics of the Internet's Super Players. NOT theories, but the precise dissection of what the "gurus" are REALLY doing and how they do it.

John Reese - Mike Filsaime - John Carlton - Tom Bell
The Rich Jerk - Carl Galletti - Joel Comm . . .
NOBODY is safe from Mr. X

Plus, you'll get Mr. X's diabolically ingenious and twisted perspective. Videos, audio interviews - probably even real cool software.

Mr X, please consider granting my access to this privileged information. I understand this is mature content NOT intended for newbies or the faint of heart.
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